Ranging from music videos to commercials to narratives, I'd like to think my style never steers too far from the storytelling that made me fall in love with film as a kid.


Raised in Detroit, I spent my early childhood developing my visual sensibility by drawing, painting and taking photographs every chance I had. There was plenty of inspiration growing up in a neighborhood as ethnically and racially diverse as the area surrounding my 6 Mile and Woodward address.


My move to LA brought me the opportunity to learn filmmaking using a very hands-on approach; beginning with work as an art director on a Slamdance Audience Award winning film, and carrying through to every job a film set had to offer.


I ultimately got a chance to hone my directing and writing skills in the post production world, working as an editor both freelance and in-house with ad agencies and production companies around LA. I've edited tons of content, including commercials, music videos and short films which I've also written and directed and sometimes shot.


My works as a director and editor spans a large client list, including, Acura, Mitsubishi, Jaguar, Pepsi, Patron, Sony, Jet Blue, The NAMM Foundation and a Super Bowl campaign for the California Avocado Commission, which went on to receive press in Adweek and Forbes for its clever approach and execution.


2017 saw my short film, Hello, which I wrote and directed, welcomed as part of the Cannes Short Film Corner in France.


And the 2018 NAMM Show premiered a PSA (Public Service Announcement) which I directed and edited for the NAMM Foundation, which continues to support music programs and education around the country.


Currently, I'm writing the script for my feature film directorial debut, while continuing to work on commercials for a variety of brands.